MONYO Hungarian Terroir – when beer meets wine

The MONYO Brewing Co. from Budapest have a collection called Hungarian Terroir.
The main brewer of the Monyó presented 5 beers from the collection.

All of them are wine influenced beers from different parts of Hungary.

The first two made with the pressed grape (Syrah from Villány and Kadarka grape from Szekszárd) and spontaneously fermented in the same wine barrels (Syrah Red Wine and Kadarka). They were fruity sour and acidic with a low CO2.

The 3rd one was from 2018 and was quite the same in taste but it made from white grape (Hárslevelű from Tokaj) and made with caramelized malt and it fermented spontaneously with Hárslevelű Pomace from Tokaj. Collaboration brew with Gizella Winery, Tokaj.

The 4th was Belgian Strong Ale with late harvest grape (Furmint from Tokaj, because of the late harvest it contain 100g/l sugar). That beer had high alcohol flavour, but has really nice hint of sweetness.

The last one was mental. They made it for 10th edition of Borefts Beer Festival organized by Brouwerij De Molen.
It was a Russian Imperial Stout with Blaufränkisch red wine grape from 2018. They brewed 2000l stout and they mixed it with 200l aready made Premium Blaufränkisch red wine. Then aged in this wine barrels. Interesting, uniqe style. The coffee and dark chocolate notes from stout dominated it of course, but with hint of wine, than some fruitness as dried fruits. Brewed together with Pfneiszl Estate from Sopron.

Monyo Hungarian Terroir


This is guest article from my friend Tamas after my visit to Hungary. Thanks!


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