Katowice and Silesia beer tourism, what to see and that to drink

It is always important to look for broader perspective on polish beer market, that’s why I asked my friend Tamás from Hungary to write few words about his impressions related to his last trip to Silesia area, multitaps, pubs and beers find there. Thanks for taking the time for this. You should remember his last post about craft beers in Kraków, if not, you can find it here.

beer tourism silesia

„In Kontynuacja, imho which is the 2nd best pub in that area, the first is Dobry Zbeer in Gliwice, but the race is strong, I tried a tasting menu, what is really rocks. I tried: Pinta Kwas Beta, i liked the style with salt, Browariat Imperial Pils, that’s my style, i can drink it every single day. Widawa Tawhaki and Simcoe Pils, i liked them, btw I’m not the biggest fan of IPA’s but the single hops are always interesting. Piwne Podziemie No-Mi Hopback, also a good one. Kingpin Turbo Geezer, that’s rules, pure coffee flavour, but not as oily like others stouts, very good! Better that a morning espresso, and you can drink it at your workplace. That was my friends favourite. Widawa Wsciekly Borsuk, omg, really not my style, the bartender offers me that, it’s interesting, but the flavours from a whiskey barrel kicks every other flavour. Everybody thinks that is more alcoholic than 5%. Maybe because of the whiskey flavour.

Silesia Beer Tourism (1)Browariat was also a good pub, we were in a hurry when we were there, so we can taste just two beers from them: Melon Saison, I liked it, interesting idea, good balance. Latitude 42 – Melon Head – the first was better, from beer to beer I know I like more european hops, than the hops from the new world.

In Absurdalna we waited the results of the election with the pubstaff. Funny place, one guy knows my ex-classmate, who is a graffiti writer. I tried here Pinta Maibock, the bartender wanna offer another type, cause – as he said – nobody likes maibock. But it was a good one, big body, but not so carbonated as I like. Olimp – Talia, in the flavour I feel just coriander, too much for me. I don’t give up to find a really good Grodziskie, Pinta was good. Sadly I cannot buy items from Browar z Grodziska, because the shop sold out it. Doctor Brew Little Molly, I tried it earlier, maybe the best polish IPA I tasted, I bought it to my brother.

Silesia Beer Tourism (2)Biala Malpa, the beers are good, but I don’t like the place because it was dark and overcrowded. As the pub have to be, maybe i’m too old. Pinta – A ja pale ale, really good, easy drinkable, good hop presence. Has Pinta ever made not good beer? Hajer – Hica one of my favourite beer, and it’s from Silesia. Good citrus flavour. I bought it to home Ale Browar – Be like Mitch. My friend is a fan of wheatbeers, so I can try only his beer. Correct one, I liked it.

Sadly, we cannot go to the Reden restaurant, I’m very curious about it. Maybe next time.

That’s all. I happy to see how good is the polish beerscene, I’m just a little envious abut this.”

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Silesia Beer Tourism (3)

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