Beer Tourism Kraków (Cracow), where to go and what do to

Jeżeli śledzicie bloga, wielokrotnie mogliście napotkać się na kolejne odcinki piwnej turystyki, tym razem poprosiłem mojego serdecznego znajomego, o kilka słów od niego o wrażenia z wyjazdu do Krakowa, pod kątem spróbowania polskich kraftów. Zapraszam do odcinka specjalnego piwnej turystyki z Krakowa, przeczytajcie co ma do powiedzenia na ten temat Tamás.

Beer tourism in Poland become more and more popular, so far I wrote about it mainly in Polish, but today it is a pleasure for me to to introduce a special edition of post about beer tourism from Kraków (Cracow) written by my friend. I give voice to Tamás.

Text here

There is a short review focused to beers from our trip to Kraków.

Sadly we haven’t got enough time, that’s why I make a map about the interesting pubs. I note to my phone: some words from every beer. Some photos. As you will see, i’m not a professional, like you:) The beers was fantastic, Poland is very strong in craft beers, Kraków had a cool beer-scene!

We started in the House of Beer. There we drank Szałpiw Szczun (10/9), for me maybe that was the best beer in the weekend. It’s like a belgian trippel with full of grassy hops. Very good and interesting beer! Our next place was the Viva la Pinta pub. There we tried A ja pale ale from Pinta and Siostra Bożenka from Podgórz. The first was a very good basic beer: easy drinkable, fresh, correct one (7). The other was more intersting, it had more specific aroma with tropical fruits(8). Then we went to the Tap House Pracownia Piwa, that place was the most professional, here everything everything focused to the beer. We found here very interesting items, it had a very wide list from IPA to stout. My friend tried Dragon Fire and No. 5 from Pracownia Piwa, he liked that pepper-beer style. I drank Crack off from Pracownia Piwa, It’s like a lager beer full of hopps, very nice and drinkable beer (7.5), in Poland i definitely wanna try the Grodziskie style, thats why i chose Smoked Cracow by Night from Pracownia Piwa. It was very interesting for me, very light item with low alcohol, you can enjoy not only the smoked aromas, nice roasted aromas also in this beer. Very good surprise (8). The last one in this place was a Brown Ale from Nepomucen. I liked it very much, it’s not so complex, but it had a good caramel characters (7) After the hockey match we went to our last pub, that was the Multi Qlti Tap Bar. Here we drank first Luzy Rajtuzy from Podgórz. I liked that beer, it’s full of citrus flavours, very drinkable (7.5). The last beer was Czarny Kamaz from Artezan. For me that was the best dark beer in the weekend. It’s a double Oatmeal Stout. Full of typical flavours: roasted coffee, malt, chocolate, good balanced beer (8.5)

I bought some bottles in the Świat Piwa shop, I will taste them with my brother.

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