Don’t miss Warsaw Beer Festival

img_headerIf you are a beer geek ,there are couple events in Poland you can’t miss. One of them is craft beer festival in Warsaw called Warsaw Beer Festival. More than 30,000 people confirmed the presence on the festival.  In April (24-26th) will be the second edition of this festival, and for the first time at Legia Warsaw Stadium, which is such a great localization! Stadium is placed nearby city center, so you can get there by public transport without any problems. It should takes you 15 minutes.

How big this beer festival will be? More than 80 polish craft breweries confirmed they presence, moreover you can also taste beer from craft breweries from other countries. In their offer will be available more than 30 new beers brewed specially for this occasion, with largeselection of beer styles from Pale Ales, IPA, Sour Ales, Grodziskie, Baltic Porters, Stouts to Barreled beers.

How to get inside? Of course you must be an adult (at least 18 years old), and pay 10 PLN for 1-day ticket or 20 PLN for 3-days pass to celebrate during the weekend! Prices of beers will be similar to prices which can be found in craft beer pubs in Warsaw, so get ready to pay 10-15 PLN for 0,5l glass of beer. Of course you can buy special, occasional glass Craft Master One and t-shirt with festival logo which will be great souvenir from Warsaw.

Who will be there? Let me know!

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