Reasons to come to Poland for a beer

icecreamHave you ever been to Poland? You should! Not only for our impressive history and heritage but also to try great polish craft beer. Here are 7 reasons why you should come to Poland for a beer.

1. Polish beer revolution

This is the fact, that craft beer revolution is happening right now in Poland. Over 500 new beers have been produced in 2014, right now there are over 100 open breweries and a lot of new breweries in plans. Will be enough to said that almost 40 of that 110 breweries have been opened in 2014 (most of them are contract breweries). Craft beers are becoming more and more popular, you can buy them even in large stores like supermarkets.

2. Price

Price range in Warsaw is from 10 PLN to 15 PLN per 0,5 l glass for good Polish craft beer, of course you can buy beer in 0,2 l or 0,3 l glass. Comparing to prices of craft beer in Western Europe will be more economical to come to Poland for a beer. Imagine that in other cities prices could be even lower.

3. Quality of beer

Polish craft breweries are really young so thats means they are new, with modern equipment,  lot of former (or still active) homebrewers are working in them as a staff. They love experiments and have a lot of knowledge.

Same Krafty Multitap (9)4. Choice

Imagine over 500 new beers in 2014. Imagine that most of them comes from craft breweries. For example 36 new beers from craft brewery Browar Artezan, 33 premieres from Pracownia Piwa, 18 from Browar Bednary. And they cooperate each other and with breweries from other countries. In Poland you can find beer with addition of hops from all over the world, experiments with styles and almost every taste you would like to try from hoppy or smoked to sour. The most popular style is IPA (over 50 new beers in 2014) and American Pale Ale (30 premieres in 2014), but you will find also wide choice of Stouts, Weizens, Grodziskie and their interpretations as Smoked Porter, Oyster Stout, Apple Pie Speciality Ale, Sour Ale, Potato Ale and much more. Moreover you must try beer (e.g. Polish India Pale Ale) with polish hops such as Marynka, Sybilla or Iunga.

5. Atmosphere

People who you will meet in multitap pubs (there is even a multitap in Warsaw with nearly 100 taps) love craft beer, it is something more than spend time in this way, let’s say that the beer culture become part of their life. They will be happy to talk with you about polish craft beer and revolution which is happening right now. And check point number 7.

6. Beer tourism

Almost every big city in Poland have at least couple multitaps and craft beer festival. Warsaw (Warszawski Festiwal Piwa), Poznan (Poznańskie Targi Piwne), Cracow (Krakowski Festiwal Piwa), Lodz (Offbeer), Wroclaw (Beer Geek Madness and Wrocławski Festiwal Dobrego Piwa), Lublin (Lubelski Festiwal Piwa) all of them have their own beer festivals. But you also can go to smaller cities such as Żywiec (to most famous polish beer eventcalled Birofilia) or Krasnystaw (Chmielaki). There are more possibilities than only visiting festivals, you can visit brewery or organise multitap crawling in one of mentioned cities.

Browar Bednary (8)7. And last but not least: beautiful Polish girls.

Good beer always tastes better in good company. I will not waste your time to read about it, just take a look at photos.

Come to Warsaw for great polish craft beer.

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