Where to find good craft beer in Warsaw, Poland

People often ask me about pubs, bars pmwand shops in Warsaw (Warszawa) where they can find good Polish beer from craft and regional brewieres, especially from microbreweries. There is much information in Polish, but still it is hard to find information about that in English. Of course, we can use ratebeer.com but it is always better to find something more. I am Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, beer blogger born in Warsaw and I know a local scene quite well. I have prepared Warsaw Beer Map where I marked places worth to visit. Use it and plan your beer trip to Warsaw.

If you want to know more about craft beer in Warsaw or Polish beers just feel free to ask.

Best regards to Browarnik Tomek.

Jedna myśl na temat “Where to find good craft beer in Warsaw, Poland

  1. I would personally recommend http://drugiedno.pl/
    It is a lovely bar filled with brewery and really good food such as pizzas, burgers etc..
    Also very friendly service plays crucial role there, in my opinion service is the key to repeat visitors. :D


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